Building your new application on Rackspace Carina and ObjectRocket High-Performance MongoDB

Erik Beebe

Our mission at ObjectRocket is to provide the fastest, most reliable databases available. There are plenty of great places to run your applications, but the role that containers (and Docker in particular) play in the enterprise today is undeniable. Rackspace recently released a great new service called ‘Carina’, providing a high performance hosted Docker Swarm service that complements ObjectRocket very well.

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MongoDB 3.0 WiredTiger Compression and Performance

Kenny Gorman

One of the most exciting developments over the lifetime of MongoDB must be the inclusion of the WiredTiger storage engine in MongoDB 3.0. Its very design and core architecture are legions ahead of the current MMAPv1 engine and comparable to most modern day storage engines for various relational and non-relational stores.

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Employee Highlight – Meet Andy Woodard

Ashley McNamara

In our Employee Highlight series, we will introduce you to various ObjectRocket Team Members. This week we have Andy Woodard; He’s Part Developer, Part DBA, Part SysAd and all awesome.

Q: Hometown?

A: Levittown, Pa

Q: What do you do at ObjectRocket?

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Employee Highlight – Meet Chris Lalonde

In our Employee Highlight series, we will introduce you to various ObjectRocket Team Members. This week we have Chris Lalonde, ObjectRocket co-founder & General Manager. Chris has 16+ years of experience building online platforms and an award-winning background, comprised of serial successes driving technology development and operations for a variety of startups, government agencies and Fortune 500 corporations.

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Up and Running with Kibana 4 on ObjectRocket Elasticsearch

If you’re looking to transform your millions (or billions!) of Elasticsearch documents into eye-catching charts, graphs, and tables, Kibana is the answer. As an Elastic product, it integrates closely with Elasticsearch and provides an easy-to-use interface for making sense of mounds of data.

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MongoDB with WiredTiger

The latest major release of MongoDB had several great new features. The most significant among these was the inclusion of pluggable storage engines, and the first official one was WiredTiger. Since its release with MongoDB 3.0, WiredTiger has been getting tinkered on to increase its stability and we here in the dungeons of engineering at ObjectRocket have been turning wrenches on it as well.

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Tiered Pricing Update

When ObjectRocket announced the launch of tiered pricing for sharded MongoDB plans, we promised that we’d soon be doing the same for our Redis and Elasticsearch products as well. Today, we are delivering on that promise!

Now, all ObjectRocket products: MongoDB (including replicasets, sharded instances, WiredTiger, and dedicated), Redis, and Elasticsearch will be available under their own tiered pricing models.

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