NoSQL Databases for Personalization: Help Keep Your Customers Happy

Erika Kalar

Today’s users, customers, clients, and buyers are notoriously impatient. They demand new experiences that engage and inspire; and they wanted them delivered at light speed. Because of these demands and expectations, applications and data stores have evolved in order to provide these types of “I want it now” experiences.

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Elasticsearch Kibana Visualization

Why is my Elasticsearch query slow?

Paul Rossmeier

One frequent Elasticsearch support request we receive is “Can you help with my response time?” or “My queries are taking a long time, what can I do?”

Two approaches

Whenever we get these types of questions, we begin by taking a deeper look at two main areas:

Operations Side – Look at the current system resources and default Elasticsearch options.

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MySQL to ES connection

Add Elasticsearch-powered search and visualization to your SQL data

Steve Croce

Despite all of the buzz focusing on newer NoSQL data stores, relational and SQL-based databases are still alive and well. In fact, almost every customer we work with has some MySQL, PostgreSQL or MS SQL Server in their environment alongside their MongoDB, Redis, or Elasticsearch.

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Kibana terrain map

Third Party Map and Tile Services with Kibana

Steve Croce

Out of the box, Kibana includes the ability to display geo-data on maps provided by Elastic’s tile service. This provides a great introduction to what Kibana can do, but the maximum zoom level is limited if you don’t have an X-Pack license.

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Free Elasticsearch
deep dive white paper

Read on to learn how configuring, scaling, maintaining and securing Elasticsearch can drain technical resources, and how the fully managed ObjectRocket platform frees developers to code.

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