Managed Elasticsearch


Managed Elasticsearch®

Our fully managed Elasticsearch solution is designed to work with apps hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace Service Net.

Benefits of ObjectRocket Elasticsearch as a Service

Get the most out of the Elastic stack. Our experts help build and scale your database, handling everything from migrating production data to speeding up slow queries.


Simplify Application

Remove the complexity of deploying and managing production-ready clusters. We manage Elasticsearch so you can focus on developing your application.


Speed, Safety, &
Proactive Support

Add lightning-fast full text search to your site or app with data visualization that can scale to TBs and beyond.

ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch Features

From casters to cloud, we have the flexibility to support you on AWS, Azure, or on dedicated hardware. We take great care in finding the right solution for each workload and more features are included than you’re likely to get anywhere else.

Proactive Support

The hardest working team in databases provide free migration assistance and upgrades as well as thoughtful advice and expertise for running Elasticsearch in production.


All clusters come with SSL encryption, ACLs/IP whitelisting, user authentication, and container-based isolation. We also offer encryption at rest as an optional setting for customers that want an extra layer of security.

Backup & Recovery

Sleep better at night with free and easy automatic nightly backups and hot backups. Plus, a team of experienced DBAs and engineers available 24×7 just in case.

Scalable Clusters

Our Elasticsearch clusters are built to easily scale without downtime; When you need more capacity, adding a data node is a click away. When scaling up to a larger plan size, our dedicated support team can quickly migrate you.

Additional ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch Features

Single-tenant dedicated Elasticsearch
Every customer instance runs on 11+ dedicated containers, each running their own Elasticsearch or Kibana process. No container is shared with other customers so your performance and security is guaranteed.

254 metrics are monitored every minute on every Elasticsearch instance. We’re alerted and take action if anything is off.

Multiple versions
To meet your specific needs, we offer multiple versions of Elasticsearch, so migrations are easy and so you can jump right in.

Kibana and plugins
All plans come with two dedicated Kibana nodes running on dedicated containers for performance and redundancy. ObjectRocket clusters include common plugins and dashboards, like Kopf, ElasticHQ, mapper-attachments, and more.

The best support, hands-down

ObjectRocket provides a proactive, customized, high-touch, human-centered approach to support. Our team of engineers is online 24/7 to answer questions and we’re constantly monitoring your databases with the help of our robot friends so you can sleep better at night.

Elasticsearch Resources

Learn more about ObjectRocket through our white papers, eBooks, blogs, case studies, and more.

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Launch Elasticsearch to AWS in minutes from our new Kubernetes-based platform.

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