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Redis Version Upgrade

Chandrasekhar Prabala

At ObjectRocket we believe you should have the ability to choose both the Redis version and the size of instance as per your current requirements, and then upgrade or scale when your needs change or Redis evolves. In a nutshell, we want you to be able to take advantage of the latest and greatest features of Redis when they are available at the scale you need.

For a while now we had the vertical resize feature available for HA Redis. This feature allowed customers to scale up their instance memory as the size of their data increased. Now we’re delighted to announce that we have added the Redis version upgrade feature to our HA Redis offering.

As an example if you’re an ObjectRocket customer and currently using any of the Redis versions below, you now have the ability to automatically upgrade your Redis version to either 3.0.7 or 3.2.0.

Current Redis Version Upgradable to 3.0.7 Upgradable to 3.2.0

Here are the steps necessary in order to take advantage of automatic version upgrades.

  1. Start with an existing HA Redis instance.
  2. Upgrade your Redis version to 3.2.0 by clicking the “Upgrade Version” link.
  3. Choose from newer versions supported. In this case I chose 3.2.0 since I’m already at 3.0.7.
  4. Once the version is selected, click “Use Selected Verison” and your upgrade process will begin with an orange label indicating the upgrade progress.
  5. Once the upgrade is complete, your HA Redis staus will turn back to Active and you can see that the Redis version is now a higher one.
    Congrats, you’ve got your Redis upgraded automatically!For very large Redis instance version upgrades, we have one of our engineers take care of that process for you at no additional cost. This is to minimize any downtime, impact or data loss.If you are using a very large Redis instance you may see the following screen when you try to upgrade Redis version.

    In any case, you should also receive an email to inform that your version upgrade is a success.

    For any feedback please reach out to support@objectrocket.com.

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