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Why Use Redis?

Redis is renowned for blazingly fast access to data that is needed often, over and over, relying on in-memory storage for quick access. The data store reads from RAM and stores the data to disk, then rebuilds in memory as needed. These features are great as a session or full page caching solution, queue or message broker, and leaderboard (think gaming).

Benefits of ObjectRocket for Redis

As an extension of your team, we deliver highly available, scalable, and performant Redis instances, handling everything from migration to pushing code refreshes, so you can grow your application.

We monitor 50 metrics/min on every Redis instance, and are ready to take action if an alert is triggered.

24/7 Fanatical Support® by Redis Experts

    • Monitoring & Alerts
    • Database Migration
    • Instance Balancing
    • Resource Scaling & Management

Proactive Redis Database Administration

    • Paired instances with Sentinel for HA
    • Scaling and Query Analysis
    • Support for Multiple Versions
    • Architectural Consultation & Design
    • Production Level Database Audit

Additionally, we offer customers with larger workloads a private slack channel,
quarterly business reviews, and high traffic event planning.

ObjectRocket for Redis Features

Redis instances are multiplexed across multiple, physically separate systems, reducing possibility of downtime. Each instance is single tenant Redis and comes in an HA pair, managed by sentinel, for built-in automatic failover capabilities. Plus, our infrastructure is fully redundant throughout the stack.

Our fully-managed Redis service supports applications hosted on Rackspace Cloud, AWS, Azure and in dedicated environments.

High Availability

SLA Uptime

Nightly Backups & Recovery

Tools & Integrations

  • API Access
  • Restful API

Custom and Advanced Configurations

  • 2 Node Cluster + 3 Sentinels
  • Runs on Performance Optimized Infrasructure


  • Integrated Firewalls
  • SSL Encryption
  • Containerized to Isolate CPU, Memory, & I/O Resources
  • Whitelist IPs Per-Instance

ObjectRocket for Redis Pricing

Plans for ObjectRocket for Redis with Proactive Database Administration starts at $40/month (0.5 GB). 



Learn more about ObjectRocket for Redis in our Resource Center.


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Tutorials for Redis Database Administrators & Engineers

ObjectRocket’s Knowledge Base is filled with hundreds of tutorials to support developers with their Redis questions. Below are some of our more popular tutorials folks are checking out.

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