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Our fully managed Redis solution is designed to work with apps hosted on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace Service Net.

Benefits of ObjectRocket Redis as a Service

Get the most out of Redis. Our experts help build and scale your database, handling everything from migrating production data to pushing code refreshes.

Simplify Application

ObjectRocket for Redis provides highly available, scalable, and performant Redis hosted instances in the cloud so you can focus on growing your application.

The Best Production Expertise in the Business

Customer Data Engineers and DBA support come standard with every plan. That way, you can focus 
on development while we take care of the 
Redis database maintenance.

ObjectRocket for Redis Features

From casters to cloud, we have the flexibility to support your Redis workload on AWS, Azure, or on dedicated hardware. We take great care in finding the right solution for each workload and more features are included than you’re likely to get anywhere else.

Proactive Support

The hardest working team in databases provide free migration assistance and upgrades as well as thoughtful advice and expertise for running Redis in production.


Manage access with an integrated firewall, per-instance network ACLs, convenient user management and connections over SSL, ensuring encryption in transit.

Backup & Recovery

Sleep better at night with free and easy automatic nightly backups and hot backups.


Containerized approach isolates CPU, memory, and I/O resources for bare metal speed.

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Additional ObjectRocket for Redis Features

Smart provisioning
Instances are multiplexed across multiple, physically separate systems, reducing possibility of downtime. Each instance is single tenant Redis.

Highly available
All Redis instances come in an HA Pair, managed by sentinel, for built-in automatic failover capabilities. Plus, our infrastructure is fully redundant throughout the stack.

Our software stack implements a variety of features, tools, and APIs that save time, ensure uptime, or just plain make life easier.

Monitoring & Alerts
50 metrics are monitored every minute on every Redis instance. We’re alerted and take action if anything comes up.

The best support, hands-down

ObjectRocket provides a proactive, customized, high-touch, human-centered approach to support. Our team of engineers is online 24/7 to answer questions and we’re constantly monitoring your databases with the help of our robot friends so you can sleep better at night.

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