About ObjectRocket

About ObjectRocket

Our passion and database expertise build systems that power some of the busiest websites and applications on the planet. Customers choose ObjectRocket because we know how to architect and optimize the exact solution they’re looking for and we back it with 24x7x365 support.

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ObjectRocket mission and vision

ObjectRocket’s technology and expertise helps businesses build better apps, faster so developers can concentrate on creating applications and features without having to worry about managing databases.

Database architectures, especially NoSQL databases, pose significant challenges for performance and scalability in the cloud—but our team addresses these challenges head on. We support businesses of all sizes, providing a 24x7x365 expert support for MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, and Hadoop instances in data centers across the globe.

ObjectRocket was founded in 2012 to tackle a serious deficiency in cloud infrastructure — the database. There just weren’t any good options for developers, where the promise of performance and scalability were real.

Today, we use our decades of experience building the systems that power some of the busiest sites and apps around the world to create a scalable, reliable, and easy to use database architecture. With ObjectRocket taking care of managing and scaling data infrastructures, our customers can innovate and keep ahead of their competition.

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