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We are the world leading experts for designing and operating the data layer for growing companies. Whether you’re starting with 5G or have grown to 100TB and beyond, we will help you identify the ideal configuration at the best value.

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ObjectRocket offers MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and Redis instances that are highly available and backed 24x7x365 by real database engineers. We host and manage databases for apps on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace Service Net.

Managed MongoDB®

Speedy, secure, and highly available instances for any size workload wherever data lives






Managed Elasticsearch®

Lightning-fast full text search and easy-to-use data visualization that scales to TBs and beyond.






Managed Redis®

Highly available, scalable, and performant hosted Redis instances in the cloud.






Here’s a Sneak Peak of the Features You’ll Get with the ObjectRocket Platform

All production workloads on ObjectRocket’s secure and automated platform include highly responsive, round-the-clock support with access to our engineers, fully custom plans, unlimited DBA time, and 24/7 monitoring.

✓ High Availability
✓ Daily Backups
✓ Security: IP Whitelist, SSL, Encryption, Auth
✓ 24/7/365 Monitoring/Alerts by Database Experts
✓ 24x7x365 Support
✓ Uptime Guarantee Above 3rd Party Cloud

✓ Query Analysis
✓ Instance Balancing
✓ Scaling Analysis & Schema Design
✓ Architectural Consultation, Design, and Support
✓ Unlimited DBA Time
✓ Auto Resource Scaling/Management

Additionally, we offer customers with larger workloads a private slack channel, quarterly business reviews, high traffic event planning, and an SLA response time.

Managed Database Services Resources

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