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Now on ObjectRocket: Encryption at Rest for Elasticsearch

Steve Croce

By Steve Croce

Posted on: October 20, 2016

You’ve asked, and now it’s here… Encryption at rest is now available as an option on ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch with Kibana. As of today, encrypted instances can be created in the ObjectRocket control panel and existing instances can also be converted to encrypted instances with our always-free migration services.

Security features, like SSL encrypted connections, ACLs/IP whitelisting, user-based authentication, and container-based instance isolation have been a standard on the ObjectRocket platform, but adding encryption at rest helps us expand that list and offer a capability today that few Elasticsearch providers can.

What is encryption at rest?

If you’re feeling déjà vu, it may be because we launched this feature for MongoDB back in February. Encryption at rest is a common method of protecting database data where it’s stored, by encrypting it, so only the attached database instance can access it. It’s a key feature when storing sensitive data and for many customers, it’s a compliance requirement.

Elasticsearch does not support encrypting data natively, so ObjectRocket manages the volume encryption on the running cluster, encryption of backups, and key management via the ObjectRocket platform. This makes data protection super easy – You check a box for an encrypted instance and we do the work behind the scenes to protect the data.

Go get encrypted!

If you want to test it out, we’ll be offering the encryption feature for free until December 1, 2016. To get started, check the box that says Encrypted during instance creation and you’re all set. If you already have a running Elasticsearch cluster at ObjectRocket, we can quickly migrate you to an encrypted cluster when you contact support. Conversion to an encrypted cluster is similar to a plan resize and causes no downtime. See the ObjectRocket pricing page for details on plans, pricing, and availability.

Here are the details on what we offer with every ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch cluster:

  • Industry-standard AES-256 encryption
  • Encryption available as an option on all instance sizes
  • Encryption at rest including the underlying storage and automated backups
  • SSL-enabled with per instance ACLs
  • Secure hosting environment
  • Easy scaling from GBs to TBs and beyond
  • Fully Managed Service by data specialists proactively monitoring your instances 24x7x365
  • Global datacenters with Rackspace ServiceNet and AWS Direct Connect

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