mongodb use cases

Top Use Cases for MongoDB

Derek Johnson

In this post, we’ll explain some of the most common MongoDB use cases we come across and different characteristics that are influencing these choices.

Customer Analytics

Creating consistently good customer experiences has become a key challenge for many organizations.

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NoSQL Databases for Personalization: Help Keep Your Customers Happy

Erika Kalar

Today’s users, customers, clients, and buyers are notoriously impatient. They demand new experiences that engage and inspire; and they wanted them delivered at light speed. Because of these demands and expectations, applications and data stores have evolved in order to provide these types of “I want it now” experiences.

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Scaling MongoDB

Intro to Massive Scaling with MongoDB

Kimberly Wilkins

There are lots of definitions for scaling. Scaling could be defined as removing the scales from a fish. However, with databases, scaling refers to having the ability to expand to meet additional needs around storage/disk, RAM/memory, CPUs/compute cycles, networking, or other resources.

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$indexStats MongoDB

5+1 Considerations for using $indexStats to find unused indexes in MongoDB

Antonios Giannopoulos

Beginning in version 3.2, MongoDB tracks usage statistics for every index. To access these statistics, MongoDB offers the $indexStats aggregation pipeline stage. For example, the following command will provide the index statistics for the collection “”: [ { $indexStats: { } } ] )

We won’t describe the $indexStats output as there is plenty of documentation and many good articles out there that cover this topic.

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MongoDB blog

An Overview of MongoDB

Kimberly Wilkins

It’s no secret that NoSQL databases have gained tremendous ground over relational databases in the last decade. A primary driver for this is the huge amount of data generated today from sources we never would have dreamed of two decades ago.

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Finding the Right DBAs for MongoDB Support

Erika Kalar

It’s no secret that data is the cornerstone to any successful marketing campaign today. Your carefully collected data—shepherded by your equally carefully selected database administrator (DBA)—is a treasure trove of business intelligence that serves up all sorts of invaluable nuggets of information about your customers that you can use to your advantage and theirs.

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customer experience data

Improving Customer Experiences with Data and Databases

Erika Kalar

The buzzword of the era is “customer experience.” But, how can you create a consistent and positive multichannel experience for your customers? The easy answer is data. The slightly more complex answer is that data is great, but without properly managed databases, your customer experience won’t necessarily improve.

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Upgrading MongoDB Instances

Antonios Giannopoulos

Reap the benefits of upgraded MongoDB instances

Upgrading from an older version of MongoDB can be painful. We get it. Your app is working, you don’t have the time or resources to upgrade even though you know you need to.

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