Why Private DBaaS?

Currently available in any AWS region with 3 availability zones, dedicated cluster environments are best for customers with very large and demanding workloads. This type of environment gives you the ability to customize resources to your unique use case without wasting money on features you are not using as well as provide more consistent application performance without the distraction of noisy neighbors.

Benefits of ObjectRocket for Private DBaaS

As an extension of your team, we configure, maintain, and scale all your datastores so your developers can focus on application development.

24/7 Fanatical Support®
by Database Experts

    • Monitoring & Alerts
    • Database Migration
    • Instance Balancing
    • Resource Scaling & Management

Proactive Database

    • Customized Resources
    • Scaling and Query Analysis
    • Support for Multiple Versions
    • Architectural Consultation & Design
    • Production Level Database Audit

Private DBaaS Features

Our fully-managed Private DBaaS supports applications hosted on AWS.

Customized Configurations

Utilize different types of AWS computing types for your unique needs without wasting money on ones you don’t need.


Continue to receive the same strong security from ObjectRocket but since your data is isolated from other customer data, you have a stronger security profile.

Database Availability and Flexibility

Spin up any and all ObjectRocket managed datastores which include Elasticsearch®, MongoDB®*, and Redis on your very own dedicated cluster alongside public cloud ones.

VPC Peering

Link together two Virtual Private clouds (VPCs) to create a private network, funneling all traffic between the two in a secure fashion.

*MongoDB is only available on Private DBaaS


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