We support the top cloud agnostic technologies
in the industry to meet all your database needs.

Relational, distributed SQL, and non-relatonal databases for document data, indexing
& search, key/value & caching, big data hosting, and more.

Managed PostgreSQL®

Configuration, scaling, and maintenance for your SQL, OLAP, and OLTP workloads on the world’s leading open source, relational database.
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Managed CockroachDB®

Architecture configuration for highly available and ultra-resilient distributed SQL that automatically scales, rebalances, and recovers.
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Managed MongoDB®

Speedy, secure, and highly available instances on all current and future versions of the most popular document store in the industry.
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Managed Elasticsearch®

Lightening fast search, powerful analytics and Kibana visualizations of large volume data stores to take your data layer to the next level.
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ObjectRocket for Redis

Optimal speed and user experience with built-in caching support on one of the fastest data stores in the market.
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Managed TimescaleDB®

Built to handle fast ingest, complex time-based queries and optimizations for storing and operating on time series data.
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Round-the-clock monitoring and management

24 x 7 x 365

You’ll never get sucked into a black hole of database support again.

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Why ObjectRocket?

We focus on providing the best open source database solutions and unparalleled administration including database architecture consultation, design, and development, ensuring the highest performance, cost efficiency, and user experience for your data layer. For complex environments, we provide quarterly business reviews and mini health reports with optimization recommendations.

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Best In Class Technology

Our industry leading platform is designed to keep your data highly secure and as close to your technology as possible while delivering incredible auto-scaling capabilities. We’re monitoring hundreds of metrics/minute on every cluster, ready to take action should an anomaly arise.

ObjectRocket Cloud

Our platform supports apps hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace Service Net.


This ObjectRocket-built technology automatically adds data nodes as you need them for effortless scaling at a moment’s notice.


ObjectRocket Cloud provides added security with encrypted connections, IP-based access control, SSL, and Auth.

We love business of all shapes and sizes.

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ObjectRocket Resources

Learn more about ObjectRocket through our white papers, eBooks, blogs, case studies, and more, available in our Resource Center.

The Heroku MongoDB Migration Tool is Back

| mongodb | No Comments
Last year ObjectRocket launched a migration tool to help Heroku customers that used Compose’s MongoDB add-on migrate to the ObjectRocket service as the Compose service approached end of life. After…
Blog Post: Mind the Gap

Finding the Gap: Mapping the Journey of Least Resistance

| Features | No Comments
When I first joined ObjectRocket we were in the beginning phase of launching a new platform named Mission Control and with that a new instance create flow where users could…

General Availability of Managed TimescaleDB on the Objectrocket Service

| TimescaleDB | No Comments
Today, the Beta label comes off of our hosted TimescaleDB offering! It’s exciting to add yet another data store to the ObjectRocket platform in both AWS and GCP. It’s been…

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