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Modern Application Development
& Polyglot Persistence

The database technology market is a rapidly changing space with new use cases and requirements.
Make sure your organization is keeping up.

What to expect

The ability to capture, store, and leverage data evolves as engineers develop innovations to find the value of captured data. In particular, data must remain unchanged, or persistent, across time, systems, and memory. To address this challenge, ObjectRocket embraces polyglot persistence and leverages different database technologies to address the myriad database needs within an application. Because each database possesses its own strengths and weaknesses, the days of using a single database per application are nearly gone.

In this white paper, you’ll learn how polyglot persistence helps to ensure that the right tool is used for the right job at the right time. Submit your information to download a copy today.

Moving toward the future of DBaaS

Because modern applications require multiple, modern databases to support their features and microservices, ObjectRocket is developing a new, Kubernetes-based platform to host and manage any open source database. Ultimately, this platform will expand our database support beyond MongoDB, Redis, and Elasticsearch to include any database technology on any cloud in any region.

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