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Highly available, scalable, and performant Redis hosted instances in the cloud so you can focus on growing your application.

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Key features

Fully managed and supported

Fully managed and supported

Redis as a service backed by specialists 24x7x365. Includes proactive monitoring and fixes, data migration assistance, and fine tuning your configuration.

Built for engineers

Built by engineers for engineers

Provision a production-ready Redis instance in minutes, and scale seamlessly with the help of trusted data experts. It’s easy to start small and grow when you’re ready.

Highly available

Highly available

Built-in automatic failover capabilities. Infrastructure is fully redundant throughout the stack.

High performance

High performance

Every aspect of the stack has been fully optimized for Redis. Our service runs on a performance-optimized infrastructure so it runs as fast as possible.

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Further explore how the ObjectRocket platform ensures high availability for Redis while eliminating the hassle of management and configuration. Read more

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Additional Redis features

Multiple plans

Plans to suit your needs from 500MB to 50GB+.

Choice of regions

Data centers in multiple geographic zones to meet your proximity needs. Choose Rackspace Service Net or AWS Direct Connect for low latency.

Optimized for Redis

Every aspect of the stack has been tuned to make Redis fast, from the network stack, file system, OS kernel, and even Redis itself.


Our software stack implements a variety of features, tools, and APIs that save time, ensure uptime, or just plain make life easier.

Smart provisioning

Instances are multiplexed across multiple, physically separate systems, reducing possibility of downtime. Each instance is single tenant Redis.


Containerized approach isolates CPU, memory, and I/O resources for bare metal speed.

Highly Available

All Redis instances come in an HA Pair, managed by sentinel, for automated and transparent failover.


Manage access with the integrated firewall, per-instance network ACLs, convenient user management and connections over SSL, ensuring encryption in transit.

Migration services available

We can help you prepare, manage, and execute your move through a highly coordinated effort between you and our Redis experts.

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