Polyglot Persistence

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ObjectRocket supports top technologies that address all your database needs – document store, high speed search, visualizations, caching, ACID transactions, and geo-partitioning – to name a few. Our ability to evaluate the entire data layer for best use case continuously delivers significant savings while improving application performance and customer experience.

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What is Polyglot Persistence?

Polyglot Persistence is the concept of using different data storage ​technologies to handle different data storage ​needs within a given software application​.
Start with the NEED. Use the technology that works best for that use case.

Benefits of MongoDB

    • Provides Automatic Scaling
    • Multi-Platform Distribution
    • Deep Query-Ability

MongoDB Use Cases®

    • Customer Analytics
    • Product Catalogs
    • Real-Time Data Integration
    • Mobility and Scaling
    • Content Management and Delivery

Benefits of Elasticsearch®

    • Lightening-Fast Search
    • Powerful Analytical Capabilities
    • Visualization of Large Data Sets

Elasticsearch Use Cases

    • Logging and Log Analysis
    • Scraping and Combining Public Data
    • Full Text Search
    • Event Data and Metrics
    • Visualizing Data

Benefits of Redis

    • Built-In Caching Support
    • One of the Fastest Databases Around
    • Up to 1GB within a Single Entry

Redis Use Cases

    • Session Cache
    • Full-Page Cache
    • Queues
    • Leaderboards/Counting
    • Pub/Sub

Benefits of PostgreSQL®

    • Battle Tested 30 years
    • Robust Feature Set
    • Powerful Open Source Community

PostgreSQL Use Cases

    • OLAP & OLTP
    • Analytics Queries
    • Accessing Non-Indexed Data
    • Data Warehousing
    • Conditional & Functional Indexes

Benefits of CockroachDB®

    • Auto Replicate, Rebalance, Recover
    • Easy Synchronization Between Nodes
    • Quick and Easy Horizontally Scaling

CockroachDB Use Cases

    • Distributed OLTP
    • Geo-Partitioning
    • Metadata Layer
    • System of Record
    • Legacy Bridge to the Cloud

Benefits of Hadoop

    • Large Development Community
    • Current and Evolving Tools for Modern Data Processing Needs

Hadoop Use Cases

    • Financial Data Analysis
    • IoT Real Time Processing
    • Machine Learning
    • Data Warehousing

Customer Case Study: Untappd

Untappd - Drink Socially

ObjectRocket helped Untappd increase performance and cost efficiency by moving
processes from MySQL to MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and Redis.

Untapped uses MongoDB for geo-centric queries, enabling them to run faster at a lower cost.

Redis was added for its strength as an in-memory data store, making it the best solution to use as a counter.

The application’s main social activity feed and analytics were switched from MongoDB to Elasticsearch, eliminating the creation of thousands of extraneous docs, ultimately cutting cost for that workload by 75%.

Additionally, Elasticsearch with Kibana quickly and easily provided regional sales teams using Untappd for Business insights to app users in a given area for ad targeting.

“There are parts of the app that are completely powered by ObjectRocket. They provide stability in the platform so that we can actually continue to build our app and not worry about those pieces being up all the time,” says Avola, now CTO of Untappd. “We can focus on the important parts of our app, which is gaining users, gaining traction, and building new features.”


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