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What to expect

Is outsourcing database management the right choice for your company?
Let’s take a closer look at a growing trend called DBaaS, or Database as a Service, to help you decide.

Database administration is rapidly moving toward DBaaS, a cloud-based service model that gives businesses of all sizes access to databases without having to buy, set up, and maintain physical hardware and dedicated DBA staff. By automating and speeding up tasks ranging from analysis of big data to provisioning and scaling, DBaaS takes a lot of work off the shoulders of developers and IT staff. DBaaS delivers database functionality on the same scale as on-prem while providing businesses with a database solution that is simple to use.

What’s causing the DBaaS boom?

The growth of big data, increasing availability and capabilities of cloud computing, and decreasing cloud cost are key factors causing the DBaaS boom. Add in the explosive growth of open source applications, and now we’re talking blast off.

In this guide, you’ll learn about different types of DBaaS services, discover the signs your company is ready for DBaaS, learn the advantages of DBaaS, and get a checklist of questions to ask while evaluating potential DBaaS vendors. 

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