Data Migration

Whether you have a simple database or a large, complex application with distributed databases, we make it easy to migrate to the ObjectRocket platform by working with you one-on-one.

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Data migration always included

Migrating data is never easy. It’s already a tough task when dealing with moving from relational databases to NoSQL, and it is of course harder to do so in production, when the databases are in use. Our team helps identify the best path forward and assists you with getting your data on our platform. Whether it’s a simple dump and restore, or a live cut over requiring minimal downtime, we’ll work together to get the right plan in place for you.

Our migration service includes:

  • Preparing connectivity from your current environment to ours
  • Adding replica members on ObjectRocket to your existing instance
  • Migrating your existing configuration files to our infrastructure
  • One-on-one guidance as you update your application
  • Ensuring a short maintenance window and clean data migration
  • Assurance that your application has been appropriately migrated
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The best support, hands-down

Every ObjectRocket plan includes complimentary migration service by our Data Migration Team. We help you migrate your workloads across a variety of technologies, providers, and architectures. Let us do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your application. Migrate your data with no additional costs and little-to-no downtime — all backed by 24x7x365 support from our database experts.


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