Configuring Elasticsearch to Use S3 for Snapshots

Evan Freed

As data platforms continue to expand and transform there’s one aspect that never seems to change; everyone still wants a backup copy of their data! The evolution of technology still demands a need to have access to backups in order to restore to a local development environment, a copy for safe keeping or compliance, and various other use cases.

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Enhance your organization security with MongoDB Views

Antonios Giannopoulos

Best practice dictates that every database user should only be assigned a minimum set of privileges that on the one hand allows the user to fulfill their mission, and on the other hand minimises the impact of a security breach.

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Using the ObjectRocket API for Elasticsearch

Evan Freed

Have you every spent time dreaming of a fully automated Elasticsearch environment? If so, stay tuned as this post will walk you through some of ObjectRocket’s basic API features for our Elasticsearch product. Using the ObjectRocet API will allow you to create instances, users, acls, and more on demand.

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Benchmarking Elasticsearch

Seth Sanchez

A common question we’re asked here at ObjectRocket is: “How do you compare to X?”. This is a very good question, as you should always look for the best performing option for your business! We’re always looking for ways to make our platform better and show what we can do.

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New Features of MongoDB 3.4 of note for ObjectRocket Replica Set Customers

Kimberly Wilkins

MongoDB 3.4 was released February 1st and has several new features that customers of ObjectRocket 3 Node Replica Sets should be excited to see!

Three of the most prominent new features that are available in our 3.4 Replica Sets are faceted search capabilities, graph capabilities, and the introduction of views.

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What Does AWS Direct Connect Have to do With ObjectRocket?

Steve Croce

From day one at ObjectRocket, our mission has been to provide databases close to your application, no matter where it lives. Moving data is never fun, so we’re always looking for ways to keep the service snappy regardless of which cloud our users use for their app tier, whether it’s Rackspace, AWS, or any other cloud.

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