MySQL to ES connection

Add Elasticsearch-powered search and visualization to your SQL data

Steve Croce

Despite all of the buzz focusing on newer NoSQL data stores, relational and SQL-based databases are still alive and well. In fact, almost every customer we work with has some MySQL, PostgreSQL or MS SQL Server in their environment alongside their MongoDB, Redis, or Elasticsearch.

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databases polyglot persistence

What is Polyglot Persistence?

Erika Kalar

Polyglot persistence refers to using different data storage technologies to handle varying data storage needs. It’s an offshoot of polyglot programming, which means using different programming languages to build an application. Simply put, it’s an application that uses more than one core database technology.

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Kibana terrain map

Third Party Map and Tile Services with Kibana

Steve Croce

Out of the box, Kibana includes the ability to display geo-data on maps provided by Elastic’s tile service. This provides a great introduction to what Kibana can do, but the maximum zoom level is limited if you don’t have an X-Pack license.

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Top 5 Redis Use Cases

Joe Engel

In this post, we’ll explain some of the most common Redis use cases and different characteristics that are influencing these choices.

1. Session Cache

One of the most apparent use cases for Redis is using it as a session cache.

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Easy Log Analysis with Filebeat Modules

Steve Croce

Ever since Elastic{on} 17, we’ve been excited about all of the upcoming features in the Elastic Stack, especially the new Filebeat modules concept. Usually, when you want to start grabbing data with Filebeat, you need to configure Filebeat, create an Elasticsearch mapping template, create and test an ingest pipeline or Logstash instance, and then create the Kibana visualizations for that dataset.

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Reliable PUBSUB and Blocking List Operations in an HA Redis Deployment

Bill Anderson

The standard redundant Redis solution is to run master/slave replication with Sentinel managing the failover. This is expected to be followed up with either a) Client support and use of Sentinel to discover the current master or b) A TCP proxy in front of the Redis pod which is managed by Sentinel to point to the master.

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Up and Running with Kibana 4 on ObjectRocket Elasticsearch

If you’re looking to transform your millions (or billions!) of Elasticsearch documents into eye-catching charts, graphs, and tables, Kibana is the answer. As an Elastic product, it integrates closely with Elasticsearch and provides an easy-to-use interface for making sense of mounds of data.

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Free Elasticsearch
deep dive white paper

Read on to learn how configuring, scaling, maintaining and securing Elasticsearch can drain technical resources, and how the fully managed ObjectRocket platform frees developers to code.

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