February 25, 2020

I’ve Got Nodes in Different Area Codes

One of CockroachDB’s most amazing capabilities is the ability to replicate across regions and selectively…
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February 13, 2020

Managing PostgreSQL Extensions on the ObjectRocket Service

The PostgreSQL extensions ecosystem is extremely robust and provides a wide array of additional capabilities…
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February 6, 2020

Postgres Backups and How to Restore Them on ObjectRocket

Regular backups and the ability to restore them is a critical piece of database system…
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PostgreSQL on ObjectRocket Has Reached General Availability
January 30, 2020

Pachyderm on the Loose! PostgreSQL on ObjectRocket reaches General Availability

We first made our PostgreSQL service available last July and now I’m pleased to announce…
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January 13, 2020

Getting Started with ObjectRocket’s CockroachDB

Traditionally, NoSQL databases have been known to scale better than SQL databases due to their…
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December 16, 2019

On the third day of Christmas, ObjectRocket gave to me… 3 Master Nodes!

Hooray, yet more new features on our ObjectRocket Elasticsearch offerings! We’ve had great success with…
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December 12, 2019

On the second day of Christmas, ObjectRocket gave to me… two HA Postgres replicas!

We’re going to keep the holiday theme going and introduce another great new feature on…
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developmenthow to
October 21, 2019

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Is Your Data Ready?

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and even Green Monday (the last Monday to save some “green”…
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September 25, 2019

Introducing Role-Based Access Control on ObjectRocket

Sharing logins is lame. It’s a necessary evil, though; there are some scenarios where you…
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September 18, 2019

ObjectRocket for PostgreSQL reaches Beta

As of today, the PostgreSQL service on ObjectRocket has reached Beta status. We take the…
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