MongoNYC 2013 post conference report

10gen has been doing MongoDB events for years now, and I have attended quite a few of them. The events have always been great. However, I have to say this years MongoNYC was particularly amazing.

I left New York thinking the caliber and level of the discussions, presentations, contributors, and partners has really matured and this event was clearly the best yet.

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Profiler deep dive presentation from MongoSF 2013

ObjectRocket Founder, Kenny Gorman, presents a deep dive into the MongoDB profiler. The MongoDB profiler is a powerful tool for analyzing and improving performance on a MongoDB system. He will show everything from the very basics to advanced usage. He will cover how to use the Aggregation Framework in conjunction with the profiler, profiler analytics, query tuning, and response time analysis.

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Free Elasticsearch
deep dive white paper

Read on to learn how configuring, scaling, maintaining and securing Elasticsearch can drain technical resources, and how the fully managed ObjectRocket platform frees developers to code.

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