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Our passion and experience is in building the systems that power some of the busiest websites and applications to create an optimized, scalable, and easy to use database as a service.

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Our purpose and origins

We founded ObjectRocket to tackle a serious deficiency in cloud infrastructure - the database. Currently, there just aren’t any good options for developers, where the promise of performance and scalability are real. Most options are general purpose, on-demand oriented architectures that work great for generic elastic compute—but the database presents a unique challenge that existing clouds just don't account for.

We used the decades of experience we have building the systems that power some of the busiest sites on the net to create a scalable, reliable, and easy to use database architecture, and wrap it up in our unique POD architecture that can be seamlessly scaled on demand. It’s specifically designed and built to run MongoDB at breakneck speeds with world class reliability.

We chose MongoDB as our core data store for a few reasons: First, we have a ton of collective MongoDB experience, but further, who doesn’t want to create applications using a simple and wonderful JSON-style document structure; It’s a developers dream.

We joined the Rackspace family in February 2013 because we love the team and the open cloud technology they’ve built. Database architectures, especially NoSQL databases like MongoDB, pose significant challenges for performance and scalability in the cloud—but our team addresses these challenges head on. Together, our technology and expertise help businesses build better apps, faster.

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