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ObjectRocket removes the complexity of deploying and managing production-ready Elasticsearch clusters, so you can focus on your application.

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Provision an instance of Elasticsearch with Kibana using the 1GB RAM / 8GB Disk plan and experience the ObjectRocket platform backed by 24x7x365 support from real engineers free for 30 days.

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Whether you want to add lightning-fast full text search to your site or want easy to use data visualization that can scale to TBs and beyond, ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch has got you covered. Get Elasticsearch clusters on dedicated containers, always with 24x7x365 support by real engineers, and always with free migrations. ObjectRocket makes it easy for developers to get searching and focus on developing your application while we worry about the database.

Key Features



At ObjectRocket, you get premium 24x7x365 email/phone support, with DBAs and financially-backed SLAs on all plans of all sizes; No extra fees, no “Enterprise” plan upsell. What that means for you is that we’ve got your Elasticsearch database covered any time, no matter how big or small your database size.



All managed Elasticsearch instances by ObjectRocket are single-tenant clusters with dedicated master, client, data, and Kibana containers running on high performance hardware with PCI Express flash. We provide AWS Direct Connect, Rackspace ServiceNet connectivity, and global data centers for high performance to the database wherever your application is running.



Every plan is Highly Available with a redundancy throughout the cluster and hardware environment, so you can rest assured that your data is alway available, regardless of the size of your Enterprise or cluster. We secure your data with container-based isolation, ACLs/IP whitelisting, SSL encryption, user-based authentication, and optional encryption at rest.



With every Elasticsearch cluster, you get dashboard plugins preinstalled plus hosted Kibana for data visualization. In a few simple steps with our data connectors, you can easily pipe data from MongoDB or directly from Twitter into Elasticsearch for analysis in Kibana.

Finding success with ObjectRocket

Huge difference in support enables The Control Group's success with Elasticsearch.

Shiem Edelbrock, CTO, The Control Group

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Free Elasticsearch deep dive white paper

Read on to learn how configuring, scaling, maintaining, and securing Elasticsearch can drain technical resources, and how the fully managed ObjectRocket platform frees developers to code. Read more

Additional Elasticsearch features

Purpose Built Architecture

Our architecture is built on high performance, purpose-built gear with all PCIe flash storage that is dedicated to our database offerings.


On our ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch clusters we include common plugins and dashboards, like Kopf, ElasticHQ, mapper-attachments, and more.

Single-tenant dedicated Elasticsearch

Though we run on multi-tenant hardware, each Elasticsearch cluster runs in dedicated, single-tenant containers with Elasticsearch process and filesystem isolation from any other user.

Robust security features

All clusters come with SSL encryption, ACLs/IP whitelisting, user authentication, and container-based isolation. We also offer encryption at rest as an optional setting for customers that want an extra layer of security.

Multiple Elasticsearch versions

To meet your specific needs, we offer multiple versions of Elasticsearch, so migrations are easy and so you can jump right in

Always with Fanatical Support®

All of our plans come with 24x7x365 e-mail and phone support from customer data engineers and/or DBAs.

Kibana included

All plans come with 2 dedicated Kibana nodes running on dedicated containers for performance and redundancy

Scalable clusters

Our Elasticsearch clusters are built to easily scale without downtime; When you need more capacity, adding a data node is a click away. When scaling up to a larger plan size, our dedicated support team can quickly migrate you.


Global Data Centers with AWS Direct Connect

ObjectRocket operates out of a number of data centers globally with our own dedicated environment in each. Many of our data centers feature AWS Direct Connect links to ensure high bandwidth and low latency between AWS and ObjectRocket.

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