ObjectRocket for MongoDB is Now on Microsoft® Azure® Cloud

By March 13, 2018 August 18th, 2022 No Comments

We’re excited to announce that we now offer ObjectRocket for MongoDB on Microsoft Azure. With this new global offering via Microsoft Azure Cloud, businesses of all sizes can get their data as close to their application as possible, reducing latency and improving data performance.

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This is especially great news for business whose applications live in places where there are strict data security restrictions in place. For example, applications hosted in the EU need to consider data rules and regulations under GDPR. We make it easy to make sure that your data is compliant. MongoDB instances are dedicated clusters of Azure virtual machines linked together and managed within an ObjectRocket Azure subscription. This allows ObjectRocket to configure, monitor, and upgrade MongoDB instances so customers can focus on their application and not worry about the database. Customers will not only have the ability to manage their MongoDB instance via the ObjectRocket Control Panel, but they’ll have 24x7x365 access to ObjectRocket’s support and deep MongoDB expertise.

ObjectRocket fully manages and supports all customers with real data engineers and DBAs, not just large enterprises. There are no upsells and no fees for migrations or our advice on optimizing your databases. This helps businesses of all sizes unlock the power of open source, enterprise-grade technology, so they can realize the significant cost savings offered by a fully managed database-as-a-service solution. We also support customers on our own platform and on popular 3rd party clouds, such as Amazon Web Services and now Microsoft Azure.

Our MongoDB on Azure offering was generated in collaboration with an early access program. Several of these customers used MongoDB to power their Sitecore® Experience Database™, a scalable repository that collects and connects customer data in real-time to provide marketers with a single view of every individual customer, to deliver highly personalized experiences. “We love leveraging ObjectRocket’s services to solve our client’s Sitecore xDB needs,” said Jason Perry, CEO of Engagency. “We never have to worry about deploying hardware, installing software, configuring backups or dealing with the specifics of sharding and replication,” added Perry. “When a Mongo issue or question arises, ObjectRocket’s support team is quick to respond with the assistance we need. Hosting MongoDB can be a pain, but ObjectRocket makes it easy to ensure our clients’ xDB solution is operating at optimal efficiency.”

Fully managed MongoDB on Azure is available now! Contact us for information on how to get started. We handle all the details and get you up and running quickly.