Managed MongoDB on Azure

ObjectRocket’s fully managed MongoDB as a service running on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud

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Data capabilities on a global scale

We deploy, monitor, back up, and scale your MongoDB wherever you want your data to live. Our broadened offering can deploy MongoDB anywhere you need it, allowing you to access your data as close to your application as possible.

ObjectRocket for MongoDB on Azure

Ideal for Workloads of Any Size

From development environments to full-scale production; No matter how big or how small your workload is, we monitor highly available and secure MongoDB instances so you can concentrate on developing amazing customer experiences.

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Your data where you need it

Having your data close to your application ensures you get the most from MongoDB.

  • Maximum performance
  • Continuity between your data and workload
  • Meet security requirements, including GDPR (where your data needs to reside and be backed up in the same area).

MongoDB Hosting Know-How

Our proven MongoDB experts take care of your data every step of the way. We do the heavy lifting for you.

  • Migrations
  • Customization
  • Compliance

Our software stack implements a variety of features, tools, API’s, and design that not only saves time — it ensures uptime and just plain makes life easier.

Data Protection

We replicate, automatically backup, and redundantly archive your data. We provide expert guidance and all the tools necessary to meet the most stringent compliance and disaster recovery requirements.

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