Improving Customer Experiences with Data and Databases

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The buzzword of the era is “customer experience.” But, how can you create a consistent and positive multichannel experience for your customers? The easy answer is data. The slightly more complex answer is that data is great, but without properly managed databases, your customer experience won’t necessarily improve. In short, a correlation must be established between the right database, database management, enhanced performance, faster app load times, and of course happy users.

Customer Experience Matters

In our digital world customers have become more demanding than ever. Why? If nothing else than for the simple reason that we carry more knowledge in our hands than preceding generations. With a click of the button or a tap on a phone screen, we can connect with companies in the far corners of the globe. For businesses, this means that a positive customer experience must be achieved every time; otherwise, studies show that approximately 50 percent of customers are likely to switch to a competitor who may or may not be in the same zip code let alone country. (View source article.)

By using advanced data analytics, companies can create a customer experience that is fast, personal, easy, and of course useful. However, the ability to use active and passive data as a means to improve the customer’s journey is only made possible when you leverage best practice data management tactics. This means that through tools such as MongoDB, businesses must collect, analyze, understand, and use customer data to improve the experience at every stage of the customer’s journey.

The Benefits of the Right Database and Database Management

The right database gives businesses real-time insights into customer interactions, so that a seamless experience can be achieved at every single touchpoint. These actionable insights not only increase efficiency and productivity in marketing, sales, and customer service departments, but they can also deliver the “one branded face” that your customers expect when they interact with your business. For example, real-time actionable data insights will allow your apps to deliver individualized experiences that make your customers feel appreciated and valued, which is what a positive customer experience is all about.

A recent Forrester study found that 89 percent of business polled were investing in the technologies needed to improve their customer experience initiatives. Through these investments, the following benefits can be achieved:

  • Faster response time to both positive and negative customer feedback.
  • Increased ability to use the 80 percent of “dark data,” that is collected but never analyzed or acted-upon.
  • Enhanced ability to join the ranks of only 23 percent of companies who integrate customer insights in real-time.
  • Improved customer journeys that are constructed from data.

The Bottom Line: Data Without a Database is Like a Home Built Without a Foundation

If you embrace data and follow where it leads you, you will not only increase performance, but you will also discover that you have happier and more loyal customers. Reduce customer wait times, introduce new customer features, and discover the benefits of a positive customer experience at every touchpoint when you leverage the power of best practice database management. To learn more, contact our database experts today.