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Easily Stream Twitter to Elasticsearch and Kibana

What is the Twitter Connector?

The Twitter Connector is a fully managed real-time data feed which allows you to quickly begin indexing Tweets into your ObjectRocket Elastisearch instance with just a few easy steps. The Twitter Connector also adds a pre-defined Kibana dashboard for immediately seeing the results.

This is a fantastic and easy add-on for getting a visual insight into the keywords and hashtags that are pertinent to you and your business.

Twitter Dashboard

Setting it up

It literally couldn't get any easier to get started with the Twitter Connector.

  • Give your connector a name
  • Enter your Twitter App credentials
  • Enter the keywords to filter
  • Pick the ObjectRocket Elasticsearch instance
  • Pick an existing search index or create a new one

That's all it takes to get your Twitter Connector started. Now it's time to sit back and checkout the dashboard.


The pre-defined dashboard gets you up and running as soon as the first matching Tweets are published on Twitter. The dashboard is fully editable, so you can adjust it as much as you like to fit your needs exactly.

Twitter Dashboard


The Twitter connector is a free add-on, but does require an ObjectRocket Elasticsearch instance.

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