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Modern applications use more than a single database, but connecting them together is a pain. We built Data Connectors to simplify your life and let you focus on your application. We do all of the heavy lifting of scaling and moving your data around. Since this is a brand new thing, we thought you might have a few questions. We’ve provided answers to the basics below, but you can always contact us at:

What is a data connector?

A data connector is a process that moves data from one database to another. Often these processes allow for filtering and transformation of the data into a proper format or structure for the purposes of querying and analysis.

Which databases can I connect?

By popular demand, we’ve connected MongoDB to Elasticsearch for this first release. MongoDB’s flexible data model and dynamic schema allow you to quickly build modern apps, while Elasticsearch expects fixed schemas and tabular data but is ideal for searching and data visualization. We’ll handle the heavy lifting of analyzing your schema and recommending optimal mapping between the two data stores. Did we mention Kibana is included with our Elasticsearch product for free?

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