Hosted Elastiscsearch with Kibana

ObjectRocket removes the complexity of deploying and managing production-ready Elasticsearch clusters, so you can focus on your application.

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Provision a 1GB RAM / 8GB Disk instance of Elasticserach with Kibana free for 30 days.

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Percona Server for MongoDB

Save time and money by hosting Percona Server for MongoDB at ObjectRocket, the first hosting Provider to offer fully managed Percona server for MongoDB.

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MongoDB on Azure

Get ObjectRocket’s fully managed MongoDB as a service running on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

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Key Features


At ObjectRocket, you get premium 24x7x365 email/phone support, with DBAs and financially-backed SLAs on all plans of all sizes; No extra fees, no “Enterprise” plan upsell. What that means for you is that we’ve got your database covered any time and no matter what size your database is.


All managed Elasticsearch instances by ObjectRocket are single-tenant clusters with dedicated master, client, data, and Kibana containers running on high performance hardware with PCI Express flash. We provide AWS Direct Connect, Rackspace ServiceNet connectivity, and global data centers for high performance to the database wherever your application is running.


Every plan is Highly Available with a redundancy throughout the cluster and hardware environment, so you can rest assured that your data is alway available, regardless of the size of your Enterprise or cluster. We secure your data with container-based isolation, ACLs/IP whitelisting, SSL encryption, user-based authentication, and optional encryption at rest.


With every cluster, you get Elasticsearch dashboard plugins preinstalled and hosted Kibana for data visualization. In a few simple steps with our data connectors, you can easily pipe data from MongoDB or directly from Twitter into Elasticsearch for analysis in Kibana.


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  • Memory
  • Storage
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Encryption at rest

All Plans Include:

  • 24x7 monitoring
  • Premium 24x7x365 support
  • Financially backed SLAs
  • Data migration
  • Security features like container-based isolation, ACLs/IP whitelisting, SSL encryption, and user-based authentication
  • High performance hardware with PCIe flash storage
  • Dashboard plugins (preinstalled)
  • Hosted Kibana for data visualization
  • Pain-free scaling and upgrades
  • Multiple versions of Elasticsearch so you can jump right in

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Additional features

Purpose Built Architecture

Our architecture is built on high performance, purpose-built gear with all PCIe flash storage that is dedicated to our database offerings.

Single-tenant dedicated Elasticsearch

Our database engineers and DBAs provide the best hands-on support, hands-down to all of our customers, no matter how small. You’ll get the right response, 24x7x365, from real database experts.

Multiple Elasticsearch versions

To meet your specific needs, we offer multiple versions of Elasticsearch, so migrations are easy and so you can jump right in


On our ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch clusters we include common plugins and dashboards, like Kopf, ElasticHQ, mapper-attachments, and more.

Robust security features

All clusters come with SSL encryption, ACLs/IP whitelisting, user authentication, and container-based isolation. We also offer encryption at rest as an optional setting for customers that want an extra layer of security.

Always with Fanatical Support®

All of our plans come with 24x7x365 e-mail and phone support from customer data engineers and/or DBAs.

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