Here’s to the data nerds: New Relic integration with ObjectRocket

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For a number of months ObjectRocket has had a handful of customers helping our team develop integration with New Relic. Offering a suite of software analytics products, New Relic helps their customers gain actionable, real-time business insights from the billions of metrics their software is producing, including user click streams, mobile activity, end user experiences and transactions.

Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of ObjectRocket’s MongoDB plugin on the New Relic Platform, giving New Relic users increased visibility into their metrics from the ObjectRocket MongoDB service.

This is the first in a suite of integrations and tools that help increase the ability for customers to peer deeper into the ObjectRocket platform. The plugin is a zero-install plugin — all you need to do is drop your New Relic account key into the ObjectRocket UI, and data will automatically start flowing into New Relic. The plugin is account wide, so each of your instances will start sending data once your account key is set.

So what data does the plugin expose? Well, here is a list:

  • serverStatus: opcounters.insert
  • serverStatus: opcounters.query
  • serverStatus: opcounters.update
  • serverStatus: opcounters.delete
  • serverStatus: opcounters.getmore
  • serverStatus: opcounters.command
  • serverStatus: connections.current
  • serverStatus: connections.available
  • serverStatus: locks.*
  • serverStatus: network.bytesIn
  • serverStatus: network.bytesOut
  • serverStatus: network.numRequests
  • serverStatus: cursors.totalOpen
  • serverStatus: cursors.timedOut
  • serverStatus: asserts.*
  • serverStatus: globalLock.*
  • rs.status

Here’s a list of items that are exposed per database:

  • db.stats.averageObjectSize
  • db.stats.dataSize
  • db.stats.fileSize
  • db.stats.indexSize
  • db.stats.indexes
  • db.stats.namespaceSize
  • db.stats.extents
  • db.stats.objects
  • db.stats.storageSize

Installing the plugin

Installation is very simple.

  1. Get your New Relic account key here.
  2. Drop it into ObjectRocket here. (Be patient, it could take a few minutes.)
  3. Click on the tab in New Relic named “ObjRocket”.

Of course you will need accounts for both New Relic and ObjectRocket to make this all happen. Happy graphing you data nerds, you!

Do you have a metric or class of metrics you want exposed? Hit us up, we would love to hear from you.