ObjectRocket Control Panel 2.0

By May 1, 2014 August 18th, 2022 No Comments
ObjectRocket skyline

We have a new look and feel for our Control Panel.

A number of weeks ago we decided based on customer feedback and our own wishlist to re-write our user interface for our web control panel from the ground up. We wanted to ensure we gave our customers a clean and simple control interface for the ObjectRocket service.

The goal of this project was to simply convert our existing UI over to the new UI. However, there where a couple of items we couldn’t resist fixing. One of them was how we represent space usage. MongoDB has a multi part storage design, and we wanted to more accurately represent how an instance’s storage usage is broken down.

The core of these changes is tied to an internal Rackspace project that enables small teams and projects to quickly and easily incorporate the experience, and iterate quickly. We have been working internally with this very talented team to be the first Rackspace company to use this new UI framework. We couldn’t be more excited, and look forward to helping to push the project forward.

Some highlights of the new Control Panel are:

  • Consistent flow: Pages are organized in a logical drill down manner, and consistently implemented.
  • Space usage indicator: Graphical space usage breakdown across a cluster.
  • Cluster balancer indicator: Graphical shard balance indicator.
  • Dashboard location: Dashboards are now accessed from the instances menu and renamed to ‘Statistics’.
  • Flyouts with help on many pages.

We will be rolling out our new interface this week across the board. We hope you enjoy the new user interface, please don’t be shy about giving us feedback. If you aren’t already running your MongoDB database on ObjectRocket, sign up to check it out.