Migrating from Parse with ObjectRocket

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Your mobile app’s data is hosted on Parse and you just found out that Parse is shutting down. Now what? In this post, I’ll cover how ObjectRocket can help support your transition with a fully managed MongoDB solution.

Facebook’s Parse has had a lasting impact on mobile app development over the years, making it far simpler for mobile developers to focus on building great apps and not worry about the backend. However, on January 28, Parse announced they were sunsetting their popular Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) so they could focus resources elsewhere. Fortunately, Parse is investing the effort to make the transition as seamless and painless as possible for their customers, with a detailed migration guide and a full year before fully retiring the service.

Let’s face it – managing MongoDB in a production environment is not a trivial thing; that’s why a big part of the value Parse provided was abstracting the MongoDB database from their customers. As one of those customers, it is only natural that you place a great deal of importance in finding the best possible service provider to not only help you through every step of your migration off of Parse, but to continue to support you by managing your data and helping you scale for years to come.

ObjectRocket MongoDB-as-a-Service

If you are looking for a fully managed and optimized platform for hosting your MongoDB database that scales with your app, we’re here to help. ObjectRocket takes the pain out of managing your data. We also have plenty of experience supporting WiredTiger in production, so you do not need to compromise the performance and compression you previously enjoyed with Facebook’s RocksDB engine.

ObjectRocket’s MongoDB-as-a-Service makes it easy to deploy and run your database by providing a production-ready instance instantly, tools to automate operations, and a fully staffed team of engineers and database administrators so you can focus on your application.

  • Highly available MongoDB instance up and running with a few clicks
  • Built-in high availability and PCIe flash performance
  • No worry about managing indexes, scaling or monitoring, we’ve got you covered
  • Our MongoDB DBA experts are with you every step of the way

Getting Started with ObjectRocket MongoDB

For instructions on how to get started with ObjectRocket, refer to our detailed step-by-step guide.

Support with your Parse migration

ObjectRocket is actively working with Parse to ensure we have the best-fit database solution for your mobile app with a tailored and streamlined migration process. Please contact us at and we’d be happy to work with you today on building a fully managed solution that fits your needs.