Crimson Study: ObjectRocket DBaaS lowered data management costs by orders of magnitude

By June 12, 2017 August 18th, 2022 No Comments

Organizations seeking to save money might look at managing their databases in house as one place to tighten the belt, but a recent study on total cost of ownership found that a fully-managed database-as-a-service is the consistently better value.

The analysis, conducted by Crimson Consulting Group, focused on businesses ranging in size from startups to enterprises. Crimson compared the total cost of ownership, or TCO, of running relational, NoSQL and big data technologies on dedicated servers vs. leveraging fully managed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) offerings from ObjectRocket by Rackspace. Download the full report.

Although the results varied depending on the technology in question, the overall trend was clear and consistent: the cost of expertise required to operate databases always constituted the largest share of total costs, compared with infrastructure and software or hardware licensing costs.

ObjectRocket lowered data management costs by orders of magnitude, according to the Crimson analysis. This explains why businesses using ObjectRocket invariably experienced lower overall TCO. It also explains why the DBaaS market as a whole is expected to grow by a compound annual growth rate of 65 percent over the next four years, according to Research and Markets.

As data volumes continue to explode, services like ObjectRocket provide more cost-efficient access to expertise, empowering businesses to focus on extracting value from their data instead of data management. Highlights such as fully-supported, complimentary data migration services and data design help migrate any size workloads across a variety of technologies, providers, and architectures, eliminating downtime.

Download the full TCO analysis breakdown of the methodology.
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