Why Use Kibana for Data Visualization?

Kibana is a dream come true for any entrepreneur or business that wants to visualize data in a fast, efficient, accurate manner.

Having access to important data is no longer enough. Data must be visual in order for business owners, managers, partners and customers to act on it in the most efficient manner. Recent statistics show that visual data can increase the efficiency of business meetings and boost market profitability by enabling companies to make faster, more accurate decisions than would have been possible in the past. What is more, having visual data to backup a sales pitch or presentation dramatically boosts the percentage of people who will trust the presentation. Given these facts, it is not surprising that the return on investment for data visualization capabilities comes to over $13.00 for every $1.00 spent.1

What is the Best Open Source Visualization Tool?

Unfortunately, many database programs don’t provide the high-quality visualization a modern company needs in order to stay on the cutting edge of its field. MySQL Mongo and other popular alternatives either don’t offer the tools needed to visualize the data provided by the programs, are too expensive, or require large changes to your data. Thankfully, there is a reliable, open source program that specializes in providing great data visualization in various convenient formats. Kibana, a tool for visualizing data in Elasticsearch, is great at providing visualization of every bit of data that a business would need to see at any given time.

What is Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is a distributed, real-time, search engine/document store. Elasticsearch is built on an open source foundation (Apache Lucene) and allows users to gather data from a wide variety of sources and in numerous formats, analyze this data, and then uses Kibana to visualize it in real time. Elasticsearch + Kibana can help with business insights throughout an organization.

What is Kibana?

Kibana is a dream come true for any entrepreneur or business that wants to visualize data in a fast, efficient, accurate manner. The program offers a great deal of freedom by allowing users to select the manner in which data is displayed. Even those who aren’t sure of the best way to display data can easily figure out an ideal configuration thanks to the interactive visualizations this program offers. Kibana offers histograms, line graphs, pie charts, sunbursts, geospatial map displays, and other common visualization options along with the option for one to create his or her own unique visualization option.

Kibana also makes it possible for users to spot and analyze relationships in Elasticsearch data and detect and explore anomalies in Elasticsearch data with machine learning features. As an added benefit, those who are responsible for analyzing and compiling data can easily share the information they have gathered with supervisors, colleagues, and customers thanks to Kibana’s dashboard sharing options and the program’s ability to allow dashboards to be inserted into internal wiki or website pages. Alternatively, one can send out the URL to the dashboard in question or even export important data in PDF or CSV format. It comes with its own Node.js server so users don’t have to install additional code or invest in new, updated infrastructure to run the program.

Kibana’s open source nature ensures that the program will continue to improve and evolve with the times, providing business owners with new features and amenities as and when needed. As the program has been downloaded millions of times, it has also been carefully analyzed by users from all walks of life, providing ObjectRocket with valuable insight into glitches, bugs, and improvement ideas.

As ObjectRocket has taken the best advice offered by users and incorporated improvements and changes into Kibana, it has become faster, more reliable and easier to use. New integrations, add-ons, plugins, and frameworks have been added to Elasticsearch with Kibana to better able to meet the needs of those who rely on it.

DBaaS by ObjectRocket: Fully hosted and managed databases for modern applications

Those who want to benefit from the entire ObjectRocket DBaaS platform can gain full access to MongoDB, Elasticsearch with Kibana, and Redis by signing up for the ObjectRocket platform on the official company website. A 30-day trial is offered so that a business owners, developers, and technical leaders can see if the platform is a good fit for his or her company. Even so, given all that the full platform has to offer, it is not surprising that companies around the world have opted to sign up for the service and continue using it long-term.

ObjectRocket offers a high level of support that allows business owners to chat with an expert and get needed help at any time of the day or night. It is purpose built to be fast, offer easy scaling and high availability, and provide data protection that companies need to keep important information secure. ObjectRocket is optimized for NoSQL workloads and uses cutting edge technology to provide fast access to all needed data. This data can then be hosted on the cloud server of one’s choice, including AWS, Rackspace Private Cloud, or a dedicated cloud server.

1 “Analytics pays back $13.01 for every dollar spent”. Research September 17, 2014 – Report O204. Nucleus Research. Accessed 8/25/18.