DBaaS for MongoDB

Learn more about MongoDB! Get the basics, typical use cases, and how Database as a Service (DBaaS) can help you plan for scaling your MongoDB workload.

What to expect

It’s no secret that NoSQL databases have gained tremendous ground over relational databases in the last decade. A primary driver for this is the huge amount of data generated today from sources we never would have dreamed of two decades ago. Cell phones, mobiles applications, and social media alone created the need to handle massive amounts of data from many different sources and with multiple different structures. This data works best with “schemaless” databases, like MongoDB. 

MongoDB is the most wanted database

MongoDB has been leading that pack of NoSQL document store databases for most of the last 4 years. It’s currently the number one most wanted database according to a recent Stack Overflow survey.

In this Jetpack guide, you’ll learn some basics about MongoDB, learn the signs that it’s time to scale, different methods of scaling MongoDB, and what to know about upgrading.

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