Switching to ObjectRocket and Rackspace was like night and day

Their Challenge

SumAll started off with a couple of customers a day, but that number quickly increased into the thousands per day. The result is a staggering amount of traffic consuming high-I/O data visualization tools and technology, and expecting fast onboarding, easy access, and consistent performance with no delays.

SumAll CEO, Dane Atkinson, says...

We started with Shopify and Magento and those kinds of partners, and continued to add broader and broader data streams, but we soon hit a breaking point in the business where we were encountering delays trying to onboard hundreds of customers a day.

Why ObjectRocket?

According to Atkinson, SumAll began asking aggressive questions, because it knew its business model was growing really fast.

Scalability with ObjectRocket means we actually hit our milestones. They’ve grown with us as fast as we can, and they've made this process seamless. So beforehand we were onboarding clusters day in and day out, that’s all been offboarded to Rackspace, and it's just invisible success.

The Outcome

ObjectRocket and Rackspace continue to help SumAll provide a consistently high-performing customer experience.

It [reduces] that hour onboarding time for a customer back down to seconds, which is where they want to be, and where we need to be as a business... We need somebody who can solve our hard problems — people who can figure out how to deliver terabytes of information in milliseconds. We need people who are smart and able to figure out the next step, not the stuff that’s existed for 20 years.

Additionally, the relationship helps SumAll stay on the cutting edge of technology, minimize its costs, raise its operational efficiency, and help its customers increase revenue and conversion rates.

Switching to Rackspace and ObjectRocket was like night and day. [They were] honest and direct, and dealt with us very well. From a technology standpoint the move was fairly seamless, and the performance is so much more powerful.

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