ObjectRocket provided the fastest I/O and best hands-on support specialists

Their Challenge

SponsorHub's massive data warehouse of online sports and entertainment conversations was great for building the business, but as data sizes began exceeding half a terabyte, the database I/O became a scalability challenge for SponsorHub's engineering team.

Chris Luken, SponsorHub's Senior VP of Product Development, explains...

We hit growing pains as our read operations began exceeding 100,000 IOPS, and our MongoDB instance was running into a performance wall.

Why MongoDB?

SponsorHub is a business built on big data, and the foundation of their data storage is cemented in MongoDB.

Luken, says...

The initial cost to implement MongoDB as we were prototyping our solution was very low, and it was the flat-file database solution with the broadest support, so that’s what got us up-and-running.

Why ObjectRocket?

As data sizes increased beyond half a terabyte, scalability was a challenge for their internal engineering team. That's where ObjectRocket’s managed services for MongoDB came in, which helped optimize SponsorHub's database configuration to help overcome high-volume data ingestion bottlenecks and enhance the speed of the MongoDB aggregation pipeline.

With a renovated data architecture plan and cutting-edge MongoDB hosting environment, SponsorHub now ingests and algorithmically analyzes its sports & entertainment data in near real-time to generate ROI and engagement insights never before possible for large sponsors.

Luken explains...

After evaluating a number of vendors, we found that [ObjectRocket by] Rackspace provided the fastest I/O and best hands-on support specialists for our platform.

And those competitive offerings have translated to benefits for SponsorHub customers. Luken continues...

More and more clients approach to us because they want an objective, third party evaluation of what's really moving their business and what isn't; and these clients need to see what insights are actionable immediately so that they don’t miss any opportunities to build consumer mindshare.

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