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We’re live in the Rackspace Chicago datacenter!

Masen Marshall

The ObjectRocket team has had a busy few weeks rolling out new capacity, and now we’re very happy to announce that ObjectRocket instances are available directly in the Rackspace Chicago (ORD) datacenter!

This is a big step forward in our efforts to provide ObjectRocket and Rackspace customers with an integrated experience that’s simple to manage, and fun to develop with.

Rackspace customers with existing infrastructure in the Chicago (ORD) datacenter will now be able to take advantage of our blazing fast MongoDB Database as a Service offering running on our unique POD architecture. This includes our RocketScale™, RocketSecure™, and QueryGuard™ technologies – all designed to give you an industrial strength MongoDB solution right out of the box.

More awesome announcements to look for in the coming months:

  • Availability in the UK and DFW
  • Integrated billing for Rackspace customers – your ObjectRocket instances and Rackspace servers on the same bill.
  • Rackspace control panel integration, allowing you to provision new instances directly from the Rackspace cloud control panel.

Get started today with a 30 Day Free Trial of our blazing fast MongoDB service, or contact your Rackspace Sales Rep or support@objectrocket.com for more info.

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