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ObjectRocket sneak peek

ObjectRocket is a "Database as a Service" (DBaaS) based on the popular MongoDB database. What makes ObjectRocket completely different from other competitors in this space is that we have built the infrastructure from the ground up to ensure the best possible cloud database experience.

To that end, we are focusing on setting the bar in the following areas:

  1. Performance. Performance that elastically scales with your business. Not just performance, but consistent performance.
  2. Availability. The system is always available. Always up, always consistently fast.
  3. Ease of use. The system is very easy to use. Customers forget about the DB and can focus on their core business. Plus, amazing support.

We believe that in order to ensure our customers get a fast, smooth, predicable, and a always available database service, you must be in control of the entire stack. ObjectRocket isn't sitting on top of some generic infrastructure provider. Instead, we designed and built our own infrastructure from the ground up. The obvious benefits of controlling the entire stack are we have quite a bit of space to innovate, provide greater value to our customers, and be a single interface for customers if there is a problem.

The ObjectRocket architecture is designed around what we call a "pod". These pods house all the bits required for hosting our platform and are inherently scalable and redundant. ObjectRocket pods encompass a set of compute resources required for massive performance and availability. Each pod has redundant networking and routing components, MongoS router components, ObjectRocket API, GUI, and internal services, as well as core MongoD servers. Each pod has a number of bricks designed specifically as a MongoDB server. I/O duties are performed on an all-SSD based disk platform. However, there is much more to performance than just hacking some SSD’s into your infrastructure. Performance must be holistic, tuned as a stack, suited to purpose.

Access to ObjectRocket is via one of the numerous MongoDB drivers available in your favorite language, or via our REST based API. Customers can come on the platform, create an instance, and in a few seconds have a fully scalable, super high performance, and fault tolerant MongoDB database. When a user creates a new instance on ObjectRocket, they immediately get their own MongoDB replica set with two slaves. A primary and one slave in the local datacenter (US-West or US-East), and one in the remote datacenter. Yes, that's right: you automatically have geo-diverse databases. We also support adding our platform as a replica to an existing set for geo-diversity or to simply try us out.

ObjectRocket provides much more than just a nice MongoDB instance in the cloud. We have numerous innovations that extend and enhance the MongoDB experience. From how we resource manage our hardware, how we expose data via our API, our network topology from coast to coast, how we instrument and expose performance data with rocketstat, to how we elastically auto-scale. All these components are above and beyond current solutions in the marketplace.

Everything discussed here is available to beta customers today, but we aren't stopping there. In the coming releases we plan big additions for sharding enhancements, instrumentation, and a bunch of exciting stuff we aren't yet ready to talk about. We plan on releasing more info over the coming months so follow @objectrocket.

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