ObjectRocket Slashes Prices, Provides Customers a Path for Growth

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We’re excited to announce that, as of today, ObjectRocket is providing tiered pricing of sharded MongoDB plans to all customers!

Until just hours ago, tiered pricing was a model reserved solely for Enterprise customers with terabytes of data on the ObjectRocket platform—but now we’re offering these pricing benefits to all of our customers, no matter the size of their footprint. If you’re unfamiliar with tiered pricing, I’ll explain how ObjectRocket’s plan works, but the number-one takeaway is this: for every MongoDB shard that you add, your effective cost per GB goes down!

How tiered pricing works

Historically, ObjectRocket’s hosted MongoDB solution offered a fixed base price specific to instance size, multiplied by the shard count for that instance. For example, if you had a 100GB instance with 2 shards, and a 20GB instance with 4 shards, your pricing would have looked like this:

100GB x 2 = $3,198.00
 20GB x 4 = $1,596.00

    TOTAL = $4,794.00 monthly

Effective price per GB: $17.12

With our new tiered pricing model, we instead calculate price based on the aggregate of all your shards combined. As total data footprint increases, effective cost per GB decreases. Using the previous example, here’s what pricing looks like with our new tiered model:

100GB x 2 = 200GB
 20GB x 4 = 80GB
          = 280GB

    TOTAL = $4,089.00 monthly

Effective price per GB: $14.60

In the second example, the 280GB was distributed into the top seven tiers, each one in the progression applying a slightly larger price break to its respective GBs than the one before it.

After all populated tiers are added together, you will see that the total comes to $4,089, which is a savings of $705, or 14.7% off the legacy price. If you double both instances in size—(100GB x 4) and (20GB x 8), 560GB Total—you’d see your effective price per GB drop from $17.12 to $14.60, giving you a savings of $1,979, or 20.6% under the tiered pricing model! The more you grow, the greater the savings!

For more information about how the tiered pricing works, check out the Billing FAQ.

A clear path for growth

As I mentioned before, when deciding to extend tiered pricing to our entire customer base, our primary goal was to reward customers for growing on the platform. However, it was equally important to us that we create more visibility into what your pricing will look like as you scale. We recognize how crucial it is to be able to accurately project your operating expenses. Tiered pricing for ObjectRocket will make your forecasting that much easier.

With tiered pricing, you only need to consider one variable: total GBs of capacity. It’s now quick and easy to get pricing for many different size scenarios, so you can see how your savings will increase as your data footprint grows. Simply choose a size in our new pricing calculator and get your quote on the spot!

Instant savings!

Most of you with hosted MongoDB shards will automatically see a drop in your pricing on your next invoice. For those of you with only a single 20GB, 50GB or 100GB shard, your pricing will remain the same—however, if you add a shard or another instance of any size, you will immediately receive the benefit of lower, tiered pricing.

When will tiered pricing take effect?

Tiered pricing starts today! All new customers who spin up a sharded MongoDB instance will immediately receive a tiered price. All existing customers will see the new pricing reflected on their next invoice.

Redis and Elasticsearch are coming soon

Our tiered pricing launches today specifically for ObjectRocket’s MongoDB service, but don’t despair: tiered pricing for our Redis and Elasticsearch services is right around the corner!

I’m sure when you read about our early access release of MongoDB 3.0 and MMAPv1 you caught that early access to WiredTiger and other storage engines may be coming sooner rather than later. When that happens, we’ll have a tiered pricing model for those as well!

Until we launch tiered pricing for these other technologies, reach out to our sales team to get a quote.

Why tiered pricing matters

Scaling data isn’t just a scary proposition for your average app-focused engineer; even the most satisfied customers have a finance team that cringes every time they see their data footprint grow. While growth is something to celebrate, we at ObjectRocket recognize the financial pain that comes with increases in data storage.

One of our long-standing promises at ObjectRocket is to take care of your data so you can focus on your application. We’re proud to say our customers have found peace of mind in our highly-performant infrastructure, our extensive expertise, and the Fanatical Support(™) with which we manage and scale your data.

We’ve set tiered pricing in motion to make growing your data plan as attractive as growing your business and, in turn, see that you’re rewarded for continued growth on the ObjectRocket platform.