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ObjectRocket joins the Rackspace family

The ObjectRocket team has had one core focus from the start - to give developers the ability to create great applications on top of a premium MongoDB platform, all while enjoying industry leading availability and performance.

We knew from the start that great support was key to making this happen, and we've prided ourselves on giving customers the absolute best support experience possible, from the smallest instance to the largest enterprise deployment.

As part of this mission, we've gained an incredible amount of experience working with various cloud providers. Above all, one stood out in their commitment to their customers, in their enthusiasm for the open-source community, and most of all, their ability to consistently deliver the Fanatical Support that customers deserve. We knew from our first experiences that this was the kind of company we would be excited to work with. Today, we're excited to announce that we're joining the Rackspace family!

I'm sure you're wondering - what does this mean for existing customers? Well, it's great news! You'll continue to enjoy the ObjectRocket services you've come to know. You'll continue to have the attention of a team that is hugely enthusiastic about MongoDB, and committed above all else to ensuring that you're successful in your goals to integrate a high-performance document store into your applications. But we're excited to really turn it up.

As part of the Rackspace family, you’ll see:

  • Service in more datacenters, regions, and countries
  • Faster provisioning
  • More features
  • Huge scalability, available instantly

And perhaps most importantly, the Fanatical Support that Rackspace customers have always enjoyed.

This also means big things for the ObjectRocket team. Rackspace has long been a significant contributor to the open-source community - most notably with OpenStack - and has an incredible engineering organization. We're looking forward to being a part of it, and being able to pass on all the rewards of this directly directly to our customers. (Also, we're hiring!)

We've put together a short FAQ that should to answer anything we may have forgotten. In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can always find us at

Thanks from the ObjectRocket Team

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