Introducing Dedicated MongoDB

By June 1, 2015 August 18th, 2022 No Comments
ObjectRocket skyline

Instead of a social life, us engineers down in ops have been working on some new things. The latest and greatest of which is something we are calling ObjectRocket Dedicated MongoDB. We’re talking about full cabinets of dedicated hardware, fine-tuned to work specifically with MongoDB to be as fast as possible, for a single customer, and they are ready to take off.

But, I love my ObjectRocket experience now!

Dedicated installations still retain the things you love about the shared ObjectRocket environment. You have the same GUI and tools. You can mange your shards, setup compactions, ACLs, etc., from the ObjectRocket interface just as before. You still get multiple mongos servers to connect your drivers to, statistics and reporting, backups, and direct connection to AWS data centers where they existed before. And, of course, the same top-tier expertise and support you’ve come to expect from us.

What’s under the hood?

I’m glad you asked! You see, one of the ways we pass the time in the dark dungeons they keep us in is to see how fast we can make something. So, we’ve taken the latest and greatest of our hardware platforms (featuring Intel Xeon CPUs on Haswell-architecture boards and a whole lot of RAM) and added a few things. For example, we decided that the only thing better than a high-IOPS Fusion IO was TWO high-IOPS Fusion IO cards. Not only can you have two of them, but there are a few options available as to how you want them configured, either to maximize storage or throughput.

But, is it fast?

Is it fast? Do red shirts die a lot? Of course it’s fast! We have tuned these machines up to take advantage of having more, faster CPUs than ever before, and our Dedicated MongoDB systems can offer the highest performance of any of our platforms to date. Then, not to be outdone, one of the engineers was all like “Oh yeah, watch this!”, and next thing you know, we can offer encryption at rest on Dedicated MongoDB, as well.

You’re lying.

Swear on a stack of empty pizza boxes, I’m not. And, we’ve also improved our already super-reliable Rackspace network to bring you even more stability, as well as direct connection to any other Rackspace assets you may have in the same data center. Our equally dateless, um, I mean talented, developers are working to give you even more tools in the interface. This includes the ability to monitor overall utilization across the cabinet, more granular statistics, more and customizable monitoring and alerts, , and a beer keg installed in every one


I know right? Our families may not remember what we look like, but there’s still a whole bunch more we are working to deliver down the road with Dedicated MongoDB. You want a dedicated Elasticsearch cabinet? We are working on that. How about Georeplication to your Dedicated MongoDB cabinet in a different data center? That’s in the works, too. What’s that? Your pesky IT manager or security practices won’t let you host with an outside data center? That’s okay, we will just roll a cabinet right into your data center, beer keg and all and STILL give you support and monitoring, along with all the tools.

I literally can’t even right now.

C’mon, pal. Stay with me here. So, if you need the fastest and best MongoDB stack for your business needs, Dedicated MongoDB are ready to launch with all the power of a Saturn V and the features of a Bentley. Let’s get you onboard!