Percona Server for MongoDB

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Save time and money by hosting Percona Server for MongoDB at ObjectRocket.

Don’t pay a premium for Enterprise features directly from MongoDB! At ObjectRocket, features such as Auditing, Rate Profile Limiter and Hot Backups are now available at the same price as our MongoDB community offering and you have a choice of storage engines: RocksDB or WiredTiger.

We are the first hosting provider to offer Fully Managed Percona Server for MongoDB. Our product-ready offering is ready today and you can sign-up for a 30-day free trial immediately.

Upon initiating your instance, we recommend a consultation with our experts before “mission critical” deployments.

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Fully operational for 30 days

Interested in other Percona Server for MongoDB features or deployments elsewhere within North America or around the globe, we can likely accommodate your needs and want to hear from you.

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Free 30-day trial details:

  • Percona Server for MongoDB hosted at ObjectRocket
  • 5GB trial instance (contact us if you want more)
  • RocksDB or WiredTiger storage engines
  • Enterprise features: Auditing, Rate Profile Limiter and Hot Backups
  • Available now in our East US region data center (IAD – N. Virginia)
  • Access to ObjectRocket DBAs and data experts