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Support with your Parse migration

ObjectRocket recently announced it was actively working with Parse to ensure we have the best-fit database solution for your mobile app with a tailored and streamlined migration process. You can find the detailed steps to our engineered migration process in this blog post.

ObjectRocket MongoDB-as-a-Service

ObjectRocket's MongoDB-as-a-Service makes it easy to deploy and run your database by providing a production-ready instance instantly, tools to automate operations, and a fully staffed team of engineers and database administrators so you can focus on your application.

The things you care about The ObjectRocket way How other hosted providers do it
Performance tuned for your mobile app Our tech stack is optimized for MongoDB from the ground up, including PCIe flash-based infrastructure, high memory-to-disk ratios, and container-based virtualization. Build on generic cloud infrastructure, losing control of the stack, using lower performance gear such as block storage, and subjecting customers to "noisy neighbor" problems.
Fanatical Support and DBA expertise We have the best MongoDB support specialists and DBA experts, bar none, and 24x7x365 support, whether you are a 5GB or a 5TB customer. Our hands-on experts don’t shy away from going deep into your code, whether it be helping with query optimizations or re-building indices. Limited hours depending on spend; point you to external sites for answers.
Bang for your buck We have competitive pricing with price breaks as your data needs grow. Smaller price breaks, higher price floors for larger datasets, and added costs for things like SSL.
Parse-like data compression options We offer both the standard uncompressed MongoDB storage engine, MMAPv1, and the newer compressed storage engine that shipped with MongoDB 3.0, WiredTiger. WiredTiger is most comparable to RocksDB, the compressed storage engine your app used at Parse. Only MMAPv1 and/or limited support for WiredTiger.

With every ObjectRocket instance, you'll also get:

  • Built-in High Availability with automatic failover to prevent downtime
  • AWS Direct Connect into US-East and other regions to minimize latency
  • A full host of other database solutions including Redis and Elasticsearch
  • Data Connectors move your data seamlessly from MongoDB to Elasticsearch
  • Hands-on migration support from our experts - contact us anytime at support@objectrocket.com

ObjectRocket Instances Engineered for Parse Workloads

At ObjectRocket, we have engineered Parse-specific replica sets using WiredTiger compression enabling you to provision a comparable size to what you are using now at Parse using RocksDB compression. We also have uncompressed MMAPv1 options. Parse recommends that you size your Mongo at least 10x the current size if you are moving to uncompressed instances.

Automatic Storage Scaling Means We Grow With You

As your Parse data increases, we eliminate the worry of running out of database space and the overhead of constantly monitoring your data sizes. When your data storage gets close to full, ObjectRocket MongoDB-as-a-Service Replica Set instances increase their storage in 5GB increments on the fly, and your bill adjusts accordingly without any need for manual intervention.

Uncompressed Instance Prices

Size Engine Data Nodes Type Price/Month Price/GB/Month
5GB MMAPv1 3 Replica Set $95.00 $19.00
20GB MMAPv1 3 Replica Set $250.00 $12.50

Compressed Instance Prices

Size Engine Data Nodes Type Price/Month Price/GB/Month
20GB WiredTiger 3 Replica Set $450.00 $22.50
50GB WiredTiger 3 Replica Set $900.00 $18.00
100GB WiredTiger 3 Replica Set $1,612.50 $16.13
250GB WiredTiger 3 Replica Set $3,637.50 $14.55
500GB WiredTiger 3 Replica Set $6,637.50 $13.29

With our tiered pricing model, you will see additional discounts as you add instances.

Larger sizes are available. Please give us a shout!

ObjectRocket has been a stellar partner for Parse developers migrating their databases. We highly recommend trying their service especially if you are scaling a large app.

James Yu, Co-founder, Parse

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