The 6 Things You Need to Understand About Migrating From Parse to ObjectRocket

Parse is sunsetting their mobile backend as a service and is encouraging its users to migrate as soon as possible. ObjectRocket is a Parse approved alternative for customers and has tools in place to simplify your migration.

Join Parse and ObjectRocket experts to learn all you need to know to make it through this transition with minimal impact to you and your business.

The 6 Things You Need to Understand

  1. What is included in your Parse server
  2. Timeline for migration and critical milestone dates
  3. Estimating the true size of your MongoDB database
  4. Understanding the differences between RocksDB, MMAP, and WiredTiger storage engines
  5. Step-by-step walkthrough of a Parse database migration
  6. Parse API Server options at Rackspace


  • Erik Nakagawa, Developer Advocate, Parse
  • Andy Woodard, Data Engineer, ObjectRocket
  • Melissa Wile, Data Specialist, ObjectRocket


  • Thursday, March 31
  • 11am PT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET

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