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NoSQL databases are easy to deploy, but notoriously hard to scale and manage. We make it easy. We built a fully managed platform from the ground up—with every aspect of MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and Redis optimized for performance. You can focus on your app and we’ll manage the data.

You can spin up an instance in seconds and grow automatically without pain. Our engineers—who are experts at operating MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and Redis at scale—are available to help 24x7x365.

Why Managed NoSQL


MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and Redis experts available to support 24x7x365

Automatically sharded

Automatic sharding for super simple scaling


Every aspect of the stack optimized for MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and Redis

Solid State PCIe Drives

PCIe flash drives and containerized approach for bare metal speed


Provisioned instances automatically multiplexed across physically separate systems

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