Single sign-on for easier access to your mission critical fleet

We are bolting the ObjectRocket onto the Rackspace mothership and our first step is a single sign-on process. This gives you easier access to ObjectRocket’s managed MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and Redis data services from your existing Rackspace Cloud control panel.

How to get started

  • From your Rackspace MyCloud control panel, choose MongoDB, Elasticsearch, or Redis from the Databases menu.
  • Link an existing ObjectRocket account or launch a new one (credit card required).
  • Test fly a Redis (500MB) and/or MongoDB with MMAPv1 (up to 5GB) and/or Elasticsearch with Kibana (4GB) instance free for 30 days. Or, launch a larger instance immediately.

Currently, ObjectRocket and Rackspace Cloud employ two different billing systems that maintain separate credit card profiles. Our managed data services and Fanatical Support® will outweigh this inconvenience.

Please engage our ObjectRocket data experts at or by phone at 1-888-440-3242 if we can answer any questions for you. Otherwise, buckle up and prepare for flight!

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