Why Use TimescaleDB?

This easy to use database is built to take in high volumes of time-series data at blazing fast speeds. TimescaleDB includes tools for time series analysis out of the box, with the convenience of a language you already know: SQL. Since TimescaleDB is powered by PostgreSQL, you can also take advantage of standard PostgreSQL features and extensions on your TimescaleDB instance. Manipulating time series data is no longer painful as TimescaleDB seeks to increase developer productivity and keep operational costs at a minimum.

Benefits of ObjectRocket for TimescaleDB

As an extension of your team, we configure, maintain, and scale your database workloads so your developers can focus on application development.

24/7 Fanatical Support®
by Database Experts

    • Monitoring & Alerts
    • Database Migration
    • Backup Management
    • Resource Scaling & Management

Proactive TimescaleDB Database Administration

    • Scaling and Query Analysis
    • Support for Multiple Versions
    • Architectural Consultation & Design
    • Production Level Database Audit

Additionally, we offer customers with larger workloads a private slack channel,
quarterly business reviews, and high traffic event planning.

ObjectRocket for TimescaleDB Features

Our fully-managed TimescaleDB service supports applications hosted on AWS and GCP.

Backups & Recovery

  • Daily Backups
  • Encrypted Backups
  • Point In Time Recovery
  • 2 Week Retention

Tools & Integrations

  • API Access
  • Automated Instance Management
  • Database Metrics
  • Access to PostgreSQL Extensions


  • Whitelist IPs
  • RBAC
  • TLS Encryption at rest, in transit, and in use
  • Multi-Factor Authentication

ObjectRocket for TimescaleDB Pricing

Plans for Managed TimescaleDB start at $38/month (20 GB). Discount pricing is available for contracts or larger sizes.


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