Benefits of ObjectRocket PostgreSQL as a Service

ObjectRocket will soon offer the same hands-on database architecture, management, and hosting services for your PostgreSQL data layer that you get with MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and Redis. Finally, ObjectRocket has a home for the SQL, OLAP, and OLTP workloads for business reporting, data warehousing, and transaction processing you have running your business.

Simplify Application

Remove the burden of configuring, maintaining, and scaling PostgreSQL clusters from your developers so they can focus on application development.

Configuration Expertise

Get your entire stack optimized for true polyglot persistence with hands on DBA’s and engineers migrating, monitoring, and managing your relational, distributed, document, search, and key-value open source databases.

ObjectRocket for PostgreSQL Features

As the most advanced open-source database available anywhere, PostgreSQL has the all the features of other enterprise DBMS, supported by an active and passionate community of developers, engineers, and administrators.


Your data is the key to your success, so we offer a number of security features to keep you safe:

  • IP Whitelists: By default all access to the database is blocked. You decide what IP addresses and ranges are allowed to connect to your database.
  • Users and Roles: We provide you an administrative user, so you can decide what roles and permissions the database users in your organization have.
  • At-rest encryption: By default all of our instances are encrypted at rest.
  • TLS (coming in Beta): TLS encryption encryption is supported for all connections to your database.


On ObjectRocket, you can feel confident that your data is always backed up and safe. All plans include:

  • Daily backups: Our service automates and monitors the backup of your instance to ensure backups are always taken and always healthy
  • Encrypted Backups: All backups are stored on encrypted storage devices
  • Point in Time Recovery (Coming soon): In addition to a daily backup we offer Point-in-Time Recovery for the previous 2 days

High Availability (Coming in Beta)

To make sure your data is always available, we offer Highly Available PostgreSQL clusters with:

  • Multiple replicas: We offer 1 replica and 2 replica configurations so you can find the right solution for your use case.
  • Automatic Failover: Our service identifies failures and automatically re-routes requests to a healthy replica when necessary.
  • Automatic rebuild: When a failover does occur, you can rest assured that we will automatically rebuild any nodes that are needed to get you back to a full cluster.

Full Datase as a Sevice Platform

We can do it all for you, but when you want to self-servce, our platform gives you all of the flexibility you need to manage your databases:

  • Automated instance management: Via Mission Control or our product API you can easily create, delete, and manage your database instances.
  • Database Metrics (Coming in Beta): We offer you custom Grafana dashboards so you can monitor the health and performance of your instances whenever you’d like.

ObjectRocket Resources

Learn more about ObjectRocket through our white papers, eBooks, blogs, case studies, and more.

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