Managed MongoDB Comparison

ObjectRocket for MongoDB hosting provides your team with database experts who know how to run databases in production. Our MongoDB experts offer guidance around complex challenges, such as MongoDB performance tuning, shard key selection, query optimization, security guidance, and much more. Consultation and support are included in every plan (including your free 30-day trial).

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The Best Hands-on MongoDB Support, Hands-down

ObjectRocket provides a proactive, customized, high-touch, human-centered approach to support. Our team of engineers is online 24/7 to answer questions and we’re constantly monitoring your databases with the help of our robot friends so you can sleep better at night.

24x7x365 support from database experts
DBA consultations
Data migration assistance
Slow query detection

MongoDB Architecture

Start with an instance that best fits your needs now and allows you to scale seamlessly. We have your back whether you’re just getting started, have a read-intensive app, or more advanced use cases (such social apps that require sharding).

Replica set instances
Sharded instances
Auto-scaling of sharded instances vertically and horizontally
High availability configurations
Restful API
Automated compaction
New Relic Integration
New Relic UI analytics


Get expert guidance and all the tools necessary to meet the most stringent compliance and disaster recovery requirements. Manage access using RocketSecure™ so you can integrate firewalls, control SSL traffic, and encrypt for data at rest.

SSL Encryption for network connections
Audit Log
LDAP Integration
Delayed replica node

Performant Platform

The ObjectRocket platform is tuned for performance at every level of the technology stack, with a fully redundant, container-based, all-PCIe flash infrastructure. Other services offer only one type of database and charge for access to critical enterprise features, such as monitoring, backups, and advanced security.

Other database technologies supported
Cloud providers
On-premise offering
Dedicated and optimized hardware and software
API Access
Hot backups
Latest version of MongoDB
Percona server for MongoDB
Profiling limiter

Supported at no additional cost on all plans and sizes.

Supported for a fee or at higher tiers/service levels.

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