Why Use Hadoop?

Hadoop handles workloads that involve large data sets and requires multi-faceted classification and analytics across a broad spectrum of data formats, such as finance, healthcare, automotive, and other markets with a need for targeted analytics. The Hadoop ecosystem provides a powerful set of open source tools that businesses utilize to process very large datasets in a distributed cluster, backed by reliable data replication. Data scientists and business analysts have access to a wide set of tools to interact with data in ways that best serve their needs.

Benefits of ObjectRocket for Hadoop

Hadoop’s powerful deep data analysis, machine learning, and forecasting are fully-managed and optimized by our Hadoop data experts. As an extension of your team, we configure, maintain and scale your Hadoop workloads so your analysts, developers and data science professionals can focus on application development.

We monitor hundreds of metrics on every Hadoop cluster, and are ready to take action if an alert is triggered.

24/7 Support by Hadoop Experts

    • Monitoring & Alerts
    • Devops Style Deployment and Operations
    • Cluster Expansion
    • Resource Scaling & Management

Hadoop Engineering

    • Architected and deployed for your use case
    • Scaling Infrastructure
    • Support for Major Distributions
    • Consultation & Design
    • Application Performance Diagnosing

Additionally, we offer customers a private slack channel,
quarterly business reviews, and high traffic event planning.

ObjectRocket for Hadoop Features

Utilize well known technologies like Kafka for real time process; HBase, Hive, Impala, and Spark for data representation and ETL; and HDFS for a scalable data warehouse. There are many more combinations so reach out to us today to let us help you with your discovery process.

Our fully-managed Hadoop service supports cluster deployments hosted on Rackspace servers, major cloud providers, Azure, AWS, GCP or on prem solutions.

High Availability

  • HA Namenode by default
  • HA YARN and other services upon request
  • SLA

Backups & Recovery

  • Data Replication
  • Metadata Backups

Tools & Integrations

  • Database Integration


  • Firewall Security
  • Knox for Broader Security
  • TLS Configuration for Encryption in Transit
  • Ranger integration for access controls and data at rest encryption

ObjectRocket for Hadoop Pricing

Hadoop monthly rates include monitoring, alerting, and ticket creation plus 12 hours of Hadoop engineering. Pricing is customized according to where you’re data is deployed. Reach out to us today for a solution and proposal that fits your needs.


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